Change Tables For Parents – A Problem For Both Sides

As a father of 3 kids I know all to well the frustration of bringing your kids out shopping with you and needing a place to change a diaper. I honestly can’t believe in 2017 this is still an issue.

I know from what I went through while raising my kids and what I still see, dads have little access to change tables. Not a lot of places offer these fold down change stations to help out when the time is needed.

I spent most of my kids younger years changing them on sink counter tops, on floors or running out to our van. This was very frustrating indeed. I had always voiced my opinion on this matter to be told things like why would we or we have them but only in womans washroom and you can’t use them.

I know lots of dads feel the pain and frustration of this but let’s be fair, moms still deal with this issue too. My wife had the same problems I did only on a smaller scale than me but that doesn’t matter – it’s still a problem.

This shouldn’t be just a dad or a mom issue, but instead a parenting one. I feel all public bathrooms should allow access to change stations for parents. If stores truly respected their customers and want them to feel they come first than clean bathrooms with areas for parents of small children are a must. I may not have to deal with this as my kids are older, but one day they will have kids of their own and I hope this issue will be solved by then so things are easier for them.

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12 thoughts on “Change Tables For Parents – A Problem For Both Sides

  1. I hate these things- I try and change the kids anywhere BUT public bathrooms to be honest. Once they could stand and be changed was a glorious day. #thatfridaylinky

  2. I always try to find stores that have great changing facilities, and keep a note of them. If we are out in the Toronto Core I’ll try to schedule a walk through Nordstroms to use their changing facilities, they’ve got a brilliant set up. Down by the water? Shoppers Drugmart has a pretty good set up in a quiet private washroom.

  3. The lack of facilities can be a problem – the best I’ve seen is Mothercare (if you have those stores where you are). Very pleasantly surprised by those 🙂

  4. I find it hugely frustrating having to pass my son to my wife to go and change him because there’s nowhere for me to do it. I feel like it makes me look incompetent #thatfridaylinky

    1. I have had to do the exact same thing when my kids were young. It does make you feel like crap thats for sure but you have to adapt to your environment even if it sucks.

  5. When the girls were babies it used to infruiate me now they are five I have to take them in the men’s not comfortable with that we need family toilets Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please super post

  6. If I’m hungry or cranky I’ll point out the problem to a poor member of staff (who normally says something like ‘well, I can’t do anything about that, where’s his mum’), then I’ll change him on any surface I can find (to the shock of others around), and then hand the nappy to the said member of staff. This really is something that should be better now.

    1. That whole wheres his mum thing really gets me too. I have done the same thing and follow up with a “good thing dads quick hey, so they didn’t pee all over everything while changing”

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