Canadian Dad Blogger List

I had written a post challenging Canadian dads to start blogging and sharing their point of view of family life (here) and this is part 2. Here is the list I have created of my fellow Canadian dads, if I am missing anyone please get ahold of me and I will update my list. I will continue to update this list as names come in so please keep watching and sharing.

These are a great bunch of dads and I hope everyone will follow them. I also would ask as you are reading this to share this post with the world to spread the word about these amazing Canadian dads, as well as showing others how rewarding writing about your family’s can be in the hopes of getting more dads to join.

I am looking to fill 150 spots on this list to tie into our country’s 150th birthday but I would love to see those numbers even higher by the end of the year.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy some great reading.

  1. Drooling Daddy
  2. Canadian Dad
  3. Dad Camp
  4. Buzz Bishop
  5. Modern Dad Pages
  6. Dadsense
  7. The Undad
  8. Single Dads Are Cool
  9. Fodder 4 Fathers
  10. Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad
  11. A Parents Perspective
  12. Dad Goes Round
  13. Popculture-Superdad
  14. Big Daddy Kreativ
  15. Dia Manuel
  16. Goat Roti Chronicles
  17. Hausbundry
  18. Enviro Dad
  19. Live From Waterloo
  20. Dad Mode On
  21. Dads Round Table
  22. A Crock Of Schmidt
  23. The Art Of Dad
  24. I’m A Hockey Dad
  25. Life In 140
  26. Men Get Pregnant Too
  27. Justin & Sarah VLOGS
  28. Beyond The Rhetoric
  29. Top Daddies
  30. Puzzling Posts
  31. Canadad
  32. Fathering From Home
  33. Daddy Blogger
  34. Dad Don’t Lie
  35. Nerd Incognito
  36. I Used To Have Hair
  37. Wandering Wagars
  38. The Urban Daddy
  39. Milk And Coco
  40. A Dads Adventures
  41. You Are Dad To Me
  42. Cute Kidz TV (YouTube vlog)
  43. Stacey Robinsmith
  44. Single Dad Living
  45. Real Man Travels
  46. Answer The Tullyphone
  47. Modern House Dad
  48. Life On A Dime
  49. Dads Rise
  50. Tough Daddy Rocks
  51. I Am Mister Mom
  52. Daddy Realness
  53. Daddy’s Days
  54. Social Dad
  55. aDADable
  56. Taking Back The Dad Bod
  57. The Dadventurist
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