Canada 150 – A Challenge To Canadian Dads


This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and I can not wait to celebrate that with my family. That being said, I started thinking How many Dads are blogging about family here in Canada? I myself have not found a lot of Dad Bloggers here in Canada so far and wish those numbers would rise.

I recently read a post from a great Dad by the name of Nigel Higgins who writes DIY Daddy Blog in the UK who wrote a piece called Dad Bloggers Will Always Be The Minority (you can read it here) where he talks about why there are so few Dads who share their thoughts on parenting to the world through blogging and again It makes me wonder Where are my fellow Canadian Dads?

I am writing now to challenge my fellow Canadian Dads to start blogging. I am asking for more Canadian Dads to share their outlook on parenting as I know many great Dads in our country but when it comes to putting our stories out there I am one of a handful that do. I would love to see those numbers change. Us, as Canadians have a great outlook on life and on parenting, I mean come on there isn’t a lot of other places in the world where Dads play with their kids in temperatures ranging from -35C up to +35C at any giving time in the year.


I am putting this challenge out to Canada and tying it in with our 150th birthday. I would like to see at least 150 Canadian Dads who blog, but would love to see those numbers rise higher.

I myself have only been blogging for about 6 months now and already have seen huge benefits from it. I am more at ease with my parenting hearing from other people who I have helped them or they are dealing with the same thing I am and showing me what has worked for them.

The best part of my blog so far is that my oldest daughter through my writing has had her support network grow while dealing with depression and anxiety. She learned more coping techniques that other parents have share with me and it has greatly improved her life. As her Dad this is amazing and all thanks to me sharing her story which is crazy as all other methods seemed to not be helping at all.


I can’t wait to see what this year brings me, how my writing will help my family even more, and even if it’s just giving me a way to vent and calm myself. I hope other Canadian Dads will join me in showing the world there is more to us than Hockey, that we are amazing Dads who have lots to share and are willing to help others all around the world.


Let’s see if I can find or inspire 150 Dads here in Canada to join me. Please comment below and let me know who you are, and your blog name. Also let me know if I have inspired you to start writing and if you need any help at all, I am glad to do so. In the coming weeks I will start to create a list so I can see if my goal is reached and also to connect us all together.

Come on Canada, let’s do this and start adding more Dads to the blogging community!

I started my list and you can view it here! Please show these great dads some love.