Big Ticket Summer Concert

On Aug. 19th my little girl took me to her first concert and Edmonton’s Winspear Center.

We went to the Family Chanel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert. What a great daddy daughter date night. We had such a blast at the show togeather.

Now at 9 years old she loves all the shows on Family Chanel so being able to see some of the singers and The Next Step dancers in person was great for her. She was glued to the stage the whole time with a huge smile.

We got to see Aviva and Josh Bogert.

Mckenzie Small

The Backstage Dancers

The Next Step Dancers

Shane Harte

And of course the headliner Daya!

My daughter knew who everyone was. Even all the dancers by name. I loved just sitting there and watching her light up with every new song or dance move.

We spent alot of time singing and dancing togeather that night. Daya happens to be one of the artists we sing togeather while driving around so when she was on my daughter lit up and grabbed my arm smiling.

I must say dads, if you get a chance take your kids to this concert. You will have the time of your life. Might even get into the daddy daughter dance off.

At $20 a ticket, starting, it is a great night out. We will deffenetly go again next year.

If you have gone please share your experience with me. I would love to hear it.

Dad loves you Monkey! I can not wait until our next date night.