Bell Let’s Talk Day!

Today is January 25, 2017 and to many it’s just an ordinary day but here in Canada it’s Bell Let’s Talk Day. This is a day where we talk about mental illness and every time we share using certain hashtags or text on Bell phones extra money gets raised for programs here in Canada.

It’s really this easy.

This was started back in 2010 by Bell to raise mental health awareness and has grown ever since. Raising money to support their 4 key pillars

This is truly amazing! I’m sure most of us have been touched by one form of mental health, I know I have not only my self but friends and family as well.

Nothing though could have prepared me for going through it with one of my own kids. I wrote a post when I started my blog (here) touching briefly how as a dad I have dealt with my girl and her struggles. I am glad to say she is on the upward side of things now but I will let her explain for herself.

To be happy

Lately I learned how to be happy again. After years of intense depression, and waking up to sadness and hopelessness everyday, you forget what it feels like to be content with life. Even as things started to look up, I couldn’t find total peace because of friction with my parents, and/or stress from work or school. I got used to ‘happy’ because of the facade I put on for people. I got used to pretending, and after a while, I thought that’s the closest I would ever get. 

Yup, that’s how hopeless you feel.

It’s like that seen in Inside Out when Joy falls into the dump, where all things are forgotten.

This is hard to talk about. Even harder to share. But I want to, despite all that, because there’s so many other people who have felt or still feel this way. They need someone to connect with. They need empathy, not sympathy. So today, I need you all to understand, that we need to talk for them, and be the voice that they’re too hurt and confused and scared to realize they have. Take it from me, they may push, they may yell and scream and say things you never even imagined would come out of their mouths, but they need someone, anyone who is willing to listen and show them love. 
The programs available are getting better, the stigma is lowering and Bell Let’s Talk is leading the way.

Afer battling myself I never wanted this to happen to anyone. Feeling helpless with nobody to talk to, being told your weak and a baby is painful. Like most of us it hits home and fast. Sometimes “it’s just a teen thing” isn’t just that. Parents know your children and if you ever have questions today is the day to talk. If you ever need, drop me a line and I’m happy to talk or listen.

Please support Bell Let’s Talk today and everyone who has been touched by mental illness. We will beat this together and it starts now.