Bedroom Basketball!

One of the greatest things I ever bought my son was a small basketball net from the dollar store to hang in his room.


I remember hours of fun playing this as a kid at my friends houses and wanted my kids to enjoy it as well. Even now I love playing and get right in there with them.


When playing with my kids it usually ends up being battle ball where we wrestle around and last night was no different. Dad even ended up getting nutted a couple of times and took a ball in the face. Funny how I usually end up being hurt but for me it’s half the fun, weird I know.

When my little girl comes in to play she loves the slam dunk!


She is quite the little ball player and can’t wait untill she can try out for a team which will be in grade 7.

If you don’t have one of these, run out and get one. Trust me it is hours of fun and a great way to spend time with your kids getting exercise indoors. It is also a great way to teach simple math, adding up baskets and finding out how many more needed to reach the goal you set.

If you have any other great games to play inside please comment and let me know what you and your kids enjoy. I love anything that allows me to spend time with my kids.