Back to School! Means eye and dental check ups.

Well it’s that time of year again. Back to school. It can become a very busy time in our house with 3 kids and this year is no exception. My son is going into grade 2, my little girl is going into grade 5, and oh god my oldest daughter is starting university.

Like with every year, back to school not only means school Supply shopping and searching for the latest trends in clothing, but we include a trip to the dentist and the eye doctor.

For our dentist trip we head to Infinity Dental in North Edmonton. Dr Omar Nsair is great with my family but more importantly with my kids. He takes the time to explain things to me and my wife and is very quick. His office staff and hygienists are amazing as well. Please check them out at as they have offices all over the Edmonton area.

This year my kids all had great teeth. My oldest daughter had only one problem, time for her wisdom teeth to come out. Today was the day that happened. She went in and got frozen and within 15min after the freezing took hold they were out. Now my daughter isn’t good with this stuff at all but at Infinity she had no problems at all. It’s the sign of a good dentist.

The other thing we do is eye exams. We took the kids to Dr’s, E.Kim, M.Kim, D.Larsen & Associates located in Kingsway Mall attached to the Lenscrafters.

With my whole family needing glasses this is a great place to go. They are amazing with my kids and help take away any scared feelings. We found out that my little girl didn’t need a full prescription like another place told us, but just needed reading glasses to help the strain on her eyes and stop her headache.  She has better the 20/20 vision. Like I told my son, she took all our lost eye strength, lol.

I recommend booking all your appointments around back to school. I know there is always lots going on but this is a great reminder of needing these services done. Also like my family, everyone now have perfect teeth with any problems fixed before school as well as new sets of glasses to start the year seeing proper.

Here are a couple tips I have seen with my kids for knowing it’s time to go to the eye doctor or dentist.

If you ever see your kids squinting while eating or complain I got of a sore mouth, maybe even not eating as much, a trip to the dentist might be in order.

If you ever see your kids squinting to read, play video games or watch TV.  Also holding things closers to them or complaining of headaches, a trip to the eye doctor might be in order.

Let me know if these help. I do recommend both these places, but these are also my own opinions. If you have any other back to school tips please let me know, I love hearing new ideas to try.