Baby’s Coming, Now What!

I thought I would share a few tips for first time father’s on what to expect when baby decides it’s time.

Now once you get told it’s time to go to the hospital there will be a sudden rush of nerves come over you. Are you going to be able to handle it. Am I forgetting anything. What comes next. All things going through your head but rest assured everything will be fine.

Once you get to the hospital just head right to where your doctor said to go. They will bring you into your room where you can set up shop so to speak. Lots of people will be around and just remember to be by your wife’s side. She will need you there for support. You might get screamed at but don’t get angry just imagine what she is going through. Help her get comfortable in bed, hold her hand, give her water when she needs it, help with breathing, rub her feet and back, anything to help get through the contractions. If she needs help go get someone. Help her walk around to get things moving.

When my little girl was born we lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta. There, we were sent home for half a day as my wife wasn’t dilated enough. We had to walk around the house until she was ready again to go back. We were put into a room where she was checked over and then when she was close, switched to another room where my wife was put into a shower. Right after the nurse left my wife screamed for me to get a doctor so off I went. Then everyone started rushing the room and all this equipment was brought in which was quite overwhelming . I found myself in a corner not knowing what the hell to do. My wife called for me so I pushed my way to her side where I stayed. Had her squeeze my hand, rub her head and tell her she was doing great. Then my daughter was born.

My son was born up here in Edmonton, Alberta. We were living in Drayton Valley, Alberta at the time so in the middle of the night we made our way to the city. Here we were put into a room and never had to switch which was way better. Again I was by her side helping any way I could until my son was born.

I will say this, what ever you read or any videos you watch, being there in person is nothing like those. You are at peace in a room full of cahos. Everything seems to just happen and you know what to do, its sorta natural.

The birth itself was amazing to witness. Seeing your child enter the world is truly one of the best moments of my life. Then the moment you hear the crying your heart melts, and this is probably the only time crying will make you feel this way. Your first dad feeling. Nothing like it. Then comes your first dad panic attack all you want to do is hold your child but they are whisked away to be cleaned up, weighed and checked over. Then comes the best part. You are passed this little person in your arms and all the worries vanishes. You get to be with your wife and child and nothing else matters.

Now your wife will be tired. Let her sleep. Remind visitors of this and help her get cozy. She is sore and beat up so take it easy. If you have other kids remind them mom can’t be jumped on at all. Now when mom is resting you can go visit baby. Ask questions and take the time to be shown how to change, coddle, bundle, bath, etc your baby. The nurses are great at helping dad’s out so if you are nervous about anything nows your chance to be shown.

When the night comes you can either stay with your wife if the hospital allows it or head home. Your wife will be sleeping and feeding baby for the night. Hopefully the next day you will all be going home.

Dad tip for going home. Take your vehicle to a fire hall to make sure your car seat is installed proper. Do this before the big day and have that peace of mind.

Now here are a couple of things not to say as I learned this the hard way. When you have a daughter don’t tell your wife we should keep trying for a boy an hour after she gave birth and if you have a son your first words shouldn’t be he has big balls even though you are proud he’s packing. I still haven’t lived those down.

Just remember everything will be fine, be there for you wife and when baby arrives your dad instincts will start to kick in. You got this, dad. Welcome to fatherhood.

Dad’s please share your stories I would love to hear them. Any new dad’s let me know your worries and I will try to help. Mom’s how did your man fare during this time. Feel free to comment.