Apps for Dad..

I figured I would write about a couple every day apps I use on my phone. Some give you things and some help me out in a pinch.

First one is Flipp. It’s a great app for finding deals around the city through all the local flyers. It also has coupons which you can print off. It also matches the cheapest place to buy the item with the coupon.

Collage 2016-08-07 11_24_34

The second is the 7/11 app. Great for deals at their stores. I use it for the rewards program. Every 6 slurpees you buy, the 7th is free. Great to save a bit of money on those hot summer days.

Collage 2016-08-07 11_25_38

The third one is a flashlight app. The one I use is Torch – Tiny Flashlight. This app is great to have for a dad around the house. Finding things or needing an extra bit of light. I’ve even used it at work. The best time to use it is when my kids come up to me saying their throat hurts. Great for seeing if there is red down there.


Finally the fourth app. Its an app for android users. (sorry iPhones) It is the Google Rewards app. This one once you download it and sign up sends you brief surveys to complete. You get rewarded for this with small amounts of play store money. This can be used to buy things for yourself or the kids. Things like games, game help, books, movies, music etc. It’s not a lot of money but every little bit helps. I have had this for just over a week now and made $2.42. The longest survey I have gotten is 4 questions and I made $1. Shortest was 1 question and made $0.15. Not bad I would say.

Collage 2016-08-07 11_22_44

I hope some of these will help out. Let me know if you use them already and what you think of them. If you have any apps you think I should have, please let me know. I love trying new things.