Am I A Good Dad? My Daughter Just Gave Me The Answer!

I have always wondered if I am a good dad, if how I raise my kids is proper and setting them up to succeed in life or have I lacked in certain areas. I know my wife is an amazing mom to our 3 kids but as a dad who works a lot, am I still making the grade.

I write this as my wife has the flu and is down for the count. I still have to work so I can’t be home to help get the kids up and off to school, to make lunches or pick them up, even to help with supper and for me that sucks. I wish I could be there for her the same way she is for me but life doesn’t stop and dad has to work.

Now in saying that, something wonderful happened this week. My 18-year-old daughter stepped up and without being asked has helped mom with anything she can. She gets up, cleans up the kitchen, heads to university and comes home where she begins helping mom. She has cleaned the house for us, made lunches for everyone including mine, takes care of mom so she can just relax and not get up, picked up her brother and sister from school, helped with bath/shower time and has even made suppers for us. Now when I say suppers, I mean full meals and not easy ones either. Last night I walked in from work to a full roasted chicken, potato, veggie dinner. Holly crap was it good and by far better than I would have done.

She has done all this and more with out myself or mom asking. She has turned down going out with friends to help and for an 18-year-old to do this is truly amazing. To my oldest daughter I thank you so much as this puts me at ease while I,m off at work. I know mom can rest and you are there which makes my heart melt.


So as I said at the beginning, how do I know if I’m a good dad and raised my kids right? Well my kids answer that for me every day with their actions. The way my oldest daughter put her life on hold to help mom shows that myself and my wife are doing things right. Talking with her and hearing her say “I remember you telling me this” shows me what I am teaching really does sink in and in return I end up learning more. Seeing how she does things sometimes even changes how I look at it.

I am truly blessed to have such great kids who will drop everything to help. Again to my oldest daughter, Thank You! I love you very much and you never cease to amaze me with the things you do. Never change my girl, keep challenging me and know I am so proud of the woman you have become.