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I was nominated by Rich to talk about myself for the #allaboutme tag. Kind of like a get to know the blogger. Thank you for the nod and please check out his great blog, One Hull Of A Dad.

I have wrote 15 facts about my self during my 30 Day Blog Challenge (here) so I do believe these will be different.

Well I guess I should get right to this. Here are 10 facts about myself, sorry mom for a few of these!

ONE: I once woke up in tbe United States. I woke up confused in a hotel room and it wasn’t until looking out the window did we realize we were in Grand Forks. The last thing I rememberd was being in Winnipeg. That was quite the shocker!

Two: I once threw a deer at a semi-truck on the highway. I was driving and hit 2 deer and only saw one fly into the ditch. I looked over at my co-worker and said I thought I hit 2 when the other one flew off and almost hit a semi. That must have looked funny from his point of view.

Three: I used to drag race in Winnipeg. I used to go out on the Sunday cruz nights and end the night by the city dump where the drag strip was set up. Burnt up a lot of tires there.

Four: I have been to Toronto once when I was 20 (furthest east traveled in Canada too) and succesfully got in trouble/kicked out of all areas in the CN Tower including not being allowed into the top ring. Don’t get me started on what happened at the Hockey Hall of Fame or Gretzkys Reaturant.

Five: I has my eye pop out of my head once. I took a baseball square in my left eye. I was told by the doc my eye poped out, hit my glasses and went back in. I had a cracked skull as well plus perminant nerve damage including what my wife calls my Elvis lip where from tome to time the left side of my face won’t work.

Six: I have never seen an ocean. This is no joke, at 38 years old I have never been. It is top on my bucket list to go and see one and I hope this summer to get into BC and see one.

Seven: I have been in Alberta since 2003 and haven’t seen the mountains. Unlike the ocean one, Jasper inthe Rockey Mountains is only 4 hours away from me so there really is no excusse.

Eight: I know what it feels like to be shocked by a catle prod. A friend of mine in Winnipeg had one and shocked the crap out of me a few times.

Nine: I made the Calgary news at 19. I was flying home to Winnipeg on Greyhound Airlines which was bankrupt and done flying that week. I missed my flight so the next day I was put on standby on the last flight ever out of Calgary. My 5min of fame was due to me screwing up, haha.

Ten: I have an IQ that borderlines the genious level. I was tested in school and just hit the mark. Could explain a few things like how fast I pick things up I like and how I get bored so easily with things I don’t.

Well there you have it, 10 facts about this dad. Now I will nominate a couple people.

1) Rob at Single Dads Are Cool

2) Baby Pixie And Beauty

4 thoughts on “#allaboutme Tag!

  1. That’s some list! Cattle prod! You know how to have fun.
    I have had a meal in the CN Tower, I think. If it’s the one that rotates, then definitely. Didn’t get kicked out though!

    1. It was fun until I got shocked haha Used to have it in an old 73 NOVA too and we used to put it on the metal so anyone touching it would get shocked! Toronto was a lot of fun, 6 guys just having a blast!

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