A day at Rundle Park

Well we had a couple of hours to kill today so why not go to a park. Today we chose Rundle Park. One of our favorite parks to go to.

There is so much to see and do around Rundle Park. One of the nice things about Edmonton is the great river valley park and trail systems. Weather it’s walking or biking, the trails are paved and the views are great.

Today we just hung around in the park area and played.

Always a blast at the rock wall too.

Lots of shaded areas and a great indoor family center just to sit. Take a look and see everything this park has to offer.

My kids love this time of year as the baby ducks are swimming around, and hey the ACT Pool is close if you want to as well.

Even just watching the fountains is peaceful.

All in all it was a great time as usual. Can’t wait for our next trip. Maybe a picnic next time, try the paddle boats, play min golf or some of the other great things to do here. Check out their website here:

Dads get out and enjoy our city’s parks. You will thank your kids. Trust me. Let me know how it goes and fill me in on other hidden gems.