A Day at Jackie Parker Park

Today we decided to check out Jackie Parker Park. It is located at 4540 – 50st just south of the Whitemud.


It was our first time going there and I must say we were not disappointed. So much to do and the play structures were huge.


Lots of kids playing all over and mine sure had a blast trying all the different areas.

From the jungle gym park.


To the swings, slides and walkways. The most fun was the rock area.


We spent most of our time here. My daughter let out her inner monkey going up and down the rock walls. At one point dad even had to catch her.


My son really had fun running on the rocks and logs. His favorite was going across the ropes.


Now as we were playing around, old dad’s spidy sense miss fired once and down went my son. He fell off one of the rock structures and hit hard. He hurt his ankle which put an earlier end to our day. He is doing fine now but at the time it sure hurt. He has already bounced back at home on the trampoline as dad is sitting down with thighs burning.

I must say we will definitely go back and I highly recommend this as a great day out with the kids. Saw lots of dads around which is nice to see as well. Next time we will pick a warmer day so we can take advantage of the spray park.


Let me know how your Jackie Parker Park trip goes, or any other gems like this around Edmonton.