A Daughters Poetry – The Next One!

If you have followed my blog you will know my oldest daughter writes poetry. I am very proud of her and love to showcase her writing on my blog. If you missed my last post on it here is her first set of poetry.

Now on to her next poem and this by far is my favourite.


Today as I waited for the train
I wanted to jump.
Today as the train pulled into the station
I stared at the front of that monstrous thing
And desired to embrace it
To run and leap as if to a lover
Today as I got on the train
I wanted to be laying on the tracks beneath
Instead of sitting within
Today the tunnel winds could not dry my tears
They were unstoppable as the machine
I waited for.
The more I tried not to cry at this thoughts
The harder the tears persisted.
You really feel quite insignificant waiting there on the platform
So many people, so many stories
No one would ever know that the person they shared a bench with
Wanted to jump to their end.
No one looks at your silent tears
Or if they see them, they steer clear of you
Not wanting to concern themselves with whatever darkness compelled those tears.
I see children holding hands and waiting with their mother
What would I give to be that child again.
Perhaps if I jump, I will be reincarnated again as a care free little girl.
But as the train pulls in, I’ve missed my chance
I pull my mittens from my bag, to soak up my tears.

Please show my girl some love in the comments. She is going to be submitting her poetry to her University and hopefully getting published. She would love to hear your favourite from this post or my previous. Thank you for reading.