A Daughters Poetry – The First 4

I’m going to start a new type of post for my blog that features my oldest daughters poetry. She is an incredible writer, and as her dad I couldn’t be prouder. I want to showcase her talent and share it with the world.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. So to start this I will post 4 poems she has written.



Starving Mongrels.

I have kept them hungry for too long.

They can’t digest happiness for they thrive on despair.

Even just the brimming of a salted tear sends them careening through the week barricaded I have built from contentment and happiness.

And then, because I am filled with despair,

They Devour Me.

When You Are Broken:

Think of a plate.

Covered with hundreds of tiny fractures.

So delicate it seems the press of a finger would cause it to fragment.

Yet it has remained fused.

One day it falls.

Spiralling to the ground it finally breaks.

Shattering across the floor.

A few pieces are salvaged and glued back together. 

But the glue is flaky and the pieces are chipped and the floor is gouged.


They lick and such morsels of me from blackened talons, relishing in the taste of suffering.

Sun and Moon:

Tell me of the passion the summer feels each day as he watches his love dissolve from his fiery rays.

And of the tears the moon weeps as she watches her love die when she rises in the sky. 

And watch as the sun stops breathing for her.

And watch as the moon fades away for him.

They say love is pain.

And as you watch their eternal struggle only then does one begin to have a thin grasp of what love feels like.

And you realize, the movies, the books,the romantic fairytale, all only tell you of the initial weightless gaiety.

And refuse to portray the fact that love is, always has been, and always will be pain, in the most richest, delicate sense.


I must say I love that she has taken a passion in writing and poetry. It is a great way of expression and for her it comes so naturally.

Please comment and show her some love. I can not wait to see what she shows me next. Stay tuned for more posts with her great writing.