30 Day Challenge – (Day 25) The Worst Injury I Have Had

As a dad and a man who was born in the 70’s and grew up in the 80’s before helmets were needed, seatbelts were mandatory and technology took over the world, I ended up with a ton of injuries.

I have broken my ankle, wrist, hand 8 times, over half my fingers, a couple of toes, dislocated knuckles and cracked my hip. I have been electrocuted a couple of times and put my hand in a deep fryer. I have impaled myself on numerous things on different parts of my body. There have been 3 spinal injures in my life and I have been hit in the eye playing baseball where I was told my eye popped out and went back in thanks to my glasses and cracked my eye socket. My face on the left side blew up from that one where I needed stitches and still to this day when I smile the left side of my lips won’t move (my wife calls it my Elvis lip)

All of these, and there is more, don’t compare to my worst injury. I did a post when I started my blog about this called Dads Hurt! It did end up being a frozen shoulder with a side of pinched nerves in my neck. Check out my old post for how I think this happened.

A frozen shoulder is where the ligaments and tendons in my shoulder collapse and stick together with scar tissue. The nerve pain had caused me to compensate to my right side which I didn’t notice happening and because of this my shoulder eventually froze in place. This all happened over 17 years of my life through numerous injuries until one day my arm didn’t work. Now pain is a big part of this but for me not as bad as a normal person which helped my break through the scar tissue and get my arm working again. The nerve pain is still there now but my arm is back to 90% normal which is better than it has been for about 15 years now.

I don’t wish this upon anyone and by far is my worst injury as it lasted so long and sidelined dad from playing with my kids. Plus I don’t think I will be any better than I am now although I will keep pushing, but I am fine with that due to it being better than what I dealt with for years.

I hope nobody can beat me in the number of injuries. As I age I feel it a lot more now. I also hope my kids don’t follow dad but there have been a few already.