30 Day Challenge – (Day 24) A Letter To My Future Self

Hey Jeff, It’s past you. I hope I made some good choices for you and things are going great.

I am going to ask some questions and would love for you to answer them every 5 years or so and so you are aware it’s December 2016 so in 2021 see if these things have happened.

  • How are the kids?
  • Do we own a home yet?
  • Is our oldest a lawyer now or have things changed?
  • Did our little girl become a teacher?
  • How about our son, is he our boss now?
  • Do you have grandkids?
  • Is your body still holding up?
  • Are you still liking work?
  • How is the misses doing and is her back better?
  • Did you make it to Disney or Hawaii?
  • How’s the anger now and are you better at letting little things go?
  • Are you still watching cartoons?
  • Did you win the lottery?

I think that is enough for now but if I think of anything else I will update the list. I hope everything is going well still and lots of great memories have been made.