30 Day Challenge – (Day 23)A Letter To My Teenage Self

Hey Jeff, it’s you from the future with a message to you about your choices.


Now I mean this as the choices you will make are some of the stupidest things ever. I will give you a few tips to help you out and maybe make better choices.

  • When offered, don’t get into drugs. It’s so not worth it as it will mess you up for a while.
  • It’s ok to drink but don’t binge drink. The ‘drunk tank’ isn’t a fun game but a shitty place to be.
  • STUDY! Don’t be cool and screw around in class. You will finally admit it to yourself later that an education is important.
  • Treat your Mom better. Everything she is doing is for you so smarten up.
  • That house party idea is a bad one trust me.
  • Don’t drive high or drunk. This is a really bad choice to make.
  • Control your anger. It will eventually get out of control.
  • When put in an arm bar, TAP OUT! Even though you don’t feel it. The crap you go through when older is hell.
  • Just like above, don’t use your head as a battering ram even though it’s funny.
  • Don’t mouth off to cops as it won’t end well for you.
  • Take more pictures as it helps with memories.
  • Start to save for the future so you can buy a house and not rent when you have a family.

Ahhh who am I kidding. These choices help make you into the man you are today, which from what I’m told is really good. You are a good husband and great father and if you change your life at all now these things might not happen. You did smarten up and made a good life for yourself. Remember one thing, moving to Alberta is THE BEST thing to ever happen to you, don’t fuck that up as you meet the woman of your dreams and have 3 amazing kids. You should still treat your Mom better though you ass.

So I will leave you with how I started.