30 Day Challenge – (Day 20) If I Had A Million Dollars

This would be easy for me. If I had a million dollars to spend I would buy a house first. One that had everything  wife and kids could ask for. Next would be to get my wife a new vehicle. One that has 4×4 for our Canadian winters.

After those 2 big purchases I would pay for my oldest daughters university and put away money for my 2 younger kids. An investment in their future so they can get a debt free head start.

Then I would give some money to my mom and my wifes parents just because.

With the rest of the money I would take my kids to Disney, a trip I have always wanted to do but can’t afford. Then I would take my wife to Hawaii for the honeymoon we never had. It’s the one place she has always wanted to travel too.

If there was any money left I would invest it to help with retirement. Hopefully allowing me to stop working earlier and sit back, relax and enjoy life.

Well there you have it, how I would spend a million dollars. How about you? What would you do?