30 Day Challenge – (Day 2) My Blog Name Meaning

Well day 2 of the 30 day blogging challenge is about the meaning behind my blog name. This one is easy-maybe you can guess it.

Times up!

The meaning behind my blog name is, you guessed it, I’m a dad who drools lots. Kind of like Homer Simpson.

I bet you thought it was due to me being a dad with drooling kids. At one time yes that was true but as they are all older they don’t drool as often and I don’t have to wipe chins anymore.

I do however drool in my sleep bad. It drives my wife crazy, especially when I cozy up to her and drool in her hair which is usually followed by a shot to the nuts to wake me. I also drool from time to time during the day worst of which when I choke myself, hahaha.

Well there you have it, the reason why I call my blog Drooling Daddy.