30 Day Challenge – (Day 18) Bullet My Whole Day

For this I will put in bullet form my whole day yesterday. So here is dads day from wake to sleep.

  • Woke up at 5:15am
  • Made coffee
  • Poop
  • Went and fueled up my wifes van
  • Woke up my wife and kisses her good-by
  • Jumped in the truck and headed off to work
  • Worked all day digging holes
  • Headed home
  • Picked up pizza for supper
  • Ate pizza and talked about my kids days
  • Ran out to Costco (grocerys & christmas gifts)
  • Got home an unloaded the truck
  • Shower
  • Help kids with homework
  • Watch movie with my kiddos & play
  • Tuck my younger kids into bed
  • Plop down on the couch with my wife and relax for the rest of the night
  • Poop again
  • Go to sleep at 9:30pm zzzzzzzz

So that’s my usual weekday. A few things change from time to time like how long I work for and pizza night is only every 2 weeks etc. The hardest part of my day is that I only get to spend about 3 hours with my 2 younger kids but it makes weekends much more exciting unless I work Saturdays which I am today. Bring on Sunday!

How similar is your day for those of you who are working parents. I know if I did my wifes day it would be a very long list as she runs the house and stays home with our kids. I have it easy with the work break during the day.