30 Day Challenge – (Day 17) My Best Vacation Memory

We don’t do a lot of traveling for vacation as a family but every vacation, whether at home or away is amazing for me. No work and all day spent with my wife and kids is the best for me.


One that sticks out for me was our trip to Calgary, Alberta a couple of years ago. We went down there to visit Calaway Park to have fun in an amusement park. The thing I was worried about was the park is geared more towards younger kids and with my oldest in her teen years, how would she handle it. Now this is why the trip stands out for me. My oldest daughter had a blast as she got to be a kid again and ran around the park with her brother and sister going on every ride wether big or small.



Even dad went on a bunch of rides with them and had a lot of fun too.


While down there we stayed at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel. That place is an amazing hotel to stay at. We had a lot of fun in the water slides and to this day my 3 kids all ask when we can go back to Calgary and stay where the water slides are. That shows a lot about how a hotel is when yours kids fall in love.




So for me, that would be one of my fondest vacation memories.