30 Day Challenge – (Day 15) 15 Minutes Spent With Any Celebrity

If I could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, my choice would have to be Mike Burkette (Fat Mike) of the punk band NOFX.


Now in choosing him I would need way more than 15 minutes and need my wife to allow me to have a night out where I could go back to my old, pre wife and kids ways with no chance on getting in trouble. Kind of like a partying hall pass.

Fat Mike is not only lead singer of NOFX but also Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and he is the founder of the punk label Fat Wreck Chords. Some of my favourite bands are under his label and this is one of the many reasons I would love to bullshit with him. There are many other reasons too but so I don’t slip into an R-rated rant I will leave it here.

I am interested in hearing how many readers are into punk music like me. As a dad I also get to share this love with my kids. Nothing beats blasting NOFX while cleaning the house and having it turn into a mosh pit.