30 Day Challenge – (Day 12) Somewhere I’d Like to Move or Visit

Alright, If you have been following my blog you know I want to take my kids to Disney and my wife to Hawaii, so here is the place I want to visit. I should also state I love living here in Edmonton and don’t want to move anywhere else. My city moving days are long gone.


Dad wants to visit Scotland, more important Glasgow. My grandpa is from there and ever since I was little I have wanter to visit. He always had calendars hanging that showcased the Scotland landscape and I fell in love.


I would also love to get a kilt and bagpipes in our family tartan. What better place for that then in Scotland.


Now being in Scotland I would also love to travel the rest of Europe and maybe take in a couple of scoccer games and hit up a bunch of pubs as well. To take in a heritage road trip would truly be a great experience.