30 Day Challenge – (Day 1) 15 Interesting Things About Me

Well here goes with day 1 of my 30 day challenge. For my first day I have to post a recent photo of myself and then tell you 15 interesting things about me (at least I hope you find them interesting)

The photo I chose is from Halloween. It is of myself and my son and little girl carving pumpkins. My oldest daughter was there too but not in the picture as she hates pictures being taken of her unless they are selfies, lol.

Now to think of 15 interesting things about me. Hmmmm well here goes nothing.

1: I lost my dad to cancer just after I turned 11 so most of the man I became is thanks to my mom. She got to battle me during my teen years and did one hell of a job.

2: I was born in The Pas, Manitoba and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba around 9 years old where I stayed untill I moved here to Alberta in 2003.

3: I have 5 tattoos on my body and on of them still isn’t finished. My artist back in Winnipeg left suddenly and I never got it finished. Maybe one day I will.

4: I have held upwards of 25 jobs so far in my life since starting work at 15 years old. The one I’m at now has been the longest at 7 years now.

5: I know other people say this but I truly found the woman of my dreams in my wife. She is everything I wanted and more and yes I married up.

6: I’m from Canada and never played hockey on a team. I know shocker right.

7: I can make my boobs bounce (pecks are such a strong word)

8: I used to be a chef but my wife does most of the cooking in our home.

9: I’m an old gear head without a car. My dream car is a 65 Chevelle 2 door with a big block.

10: My memory isn’t the greatest. Might have been the drugs and alcohol when I was younger but I can’t remember.

11: I almost have a full bodys worth of x-rays on file due to injures.

12: I don’t feel or process pain like a normal person. Put it this way, I broke my Fibula in half right above my ankle and walked into the hospital. I felt it break but didn’t feel anything. The Doc couldn’t believe I walked in.

13: I love flowers more than my wife I think. I don’t tell her but she knows.

14: I once mooned a cop while I was drunk walking down a highway. He then pulled up and asked why I flagged him down. I laughed and told him my ass flagged him not me. Then some random girl saved me and a friend of mine from being arrested for drunk and disorderly.

15: The hardest parent obstacle so far has been my oldest daughters battle with depression and anxiety. All you want to do is take away the pain but can’t.

Well there you have it, day 1 is done. I hope you liked these 15 things about me. Get ready for day 2 tomorrow.