The Bedtime Tag!

I was nominated by Rich at One Hull Of A Dad to do The Bedtime Tag. It’s a bunch of questions on my bedtime routine. It does sound interesting so I’ll give it a go. Read on to find out how I get ready for sleep and I will keep it entertaining I swear! 1. Describe your… Continue reading The Bedtime Tag!

What Does Independency Mean?

What does independency mean to you? Parents use this word often when raising children and I am no different in that way. I want my kids to think for them selves, to make decisions in life that will benefit them, to be trusted, but most important – to be able to survive on their own… Continue reading What Does Independency Mean?

Mmmmm Pizza Bites!

My wife bought Pillsbury Pizza Bites yesterday and I must say, where have you been all my life! I am so excited for these and so are my kids that we had to share it with the world. I guess “These are all dads” won’t fly for these little gems, and believe me I tried.… Continue reading Mmmmm Pizza Bites!

Throwback Thursday #3

This week I am posting 2 pictures from a trip to Winnipeg about 4 years ago. I hope you like them as much as I do. This one was taken at the Winnipeg zoo and it’s one of those spots where every time we go, pictures are taken. My kids love playing on the dinosaur… Continue reading Throwback Thursday #3

Bell Let’s Talk Day!

Today is January 25, 2017 and to many it’s just an ordinary day but here in Canada it’s Bell Let’s Talk Day. This is a day where we talk about mental illness and every time we share using certain hashtags or text on Bell phones extra money gets raised for programs here in Canada. It’s really… Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk Day!

Out With My Girls!

On Sunday I had to do some running around, fill prescriptions for my wife, pick up lunch stuff for the week etc. and both my girls came with me. One of our stops was at Walmart where we grabbed all our lunch snacks for the busy school/work week. Now as a dad with 2 daughters, our trip… Continue reading Out With My Girls!

Canadian Dad Blogger List

I had written a post challenging Canadian dads to start blogging and sharing their point of view of family life (here) and this is part 2. Here is the list I have created of my fellow Canadian dads, if I am missing anyone please get ahold of me and I will update my list. I… Continue reading Canadian Dad Blogger List

Am I A Good Dad? My Daughter Just Gave Me The Answer!

I have always wondered if I am a good dad, if how I raise my kids is proper and setting them up to succeed in life or have I lacked in certain areas. I know my wife is an amazing mom to our 3 kids but as a dad who works a lot, am I… Continue reading Am I A Good Dad? My Daughter Just Gave Me The Answer!

I Don’t Get Makeup!

As a father of a teenage daughter and another girl about to start her teen journey, one thing still confuses me and that’s makeup. I don’t understand why my daughter needs to hide her beauty with the stuff but maybe I’m not supposed to. My wife doesn’t wear a lot but my daughter sure does… Continue reading I Don’t Get Makeup!

Edmonton’s Ice Castle!

Our latest family adventure around Edmonton was a visit to the Ice Castle held at Hawrelak Park. Let me tell you this thing is amazing! It’s like something from a movie, a cross between Frozen and Superman and trust me between myself and my kids all the references were made. From the Elsa chairs, To the… Continue reading Edmonton’s Ice Castle!

Throwback Thursday #2

Well it’s Thursday again and her goes week #2 and with that I will put up another 3 pictures this week. I must say looking back at these old pictures has brought back a lot of great memories. This one is me and my oldest daughter when she was 7. We took this photo on… Continue reading Throwback Thursday #2

Canada 150 – A Challenge To Canadian Dads

  This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and I can not wait to celebrate that with my family. That being said, I started thinking How many Dads are blogging about family here in Canada? I myself have not found a lot of Dad Bloggers here in Canada so far and wish those numbers would rise.… Continue reading Canada 150 – A Challenge To Canadian Dads

Grandmas Place – Edmonton Public Schools Archives And Museum

My Son went on a field trip to the Edmonton Public Schools Archives Museum a couple of days ago and as a Dad I know it was good when he lit up telling me about it. They went to Grandma’s Place which is an old 1920s style house with Grandpa’s Tool Shed, Grandma’s Kitchen, Post Office, General… Continue reading Grandmas Place – Edmonton Public Schools Archives And Museum

Did You Know! What Our Future Holds

Through work I have been taking leadership courses and I was shown a video on what the future will be like for my kids, it blew my mind. How the world is changing and technology is booming is crazy and coming fast. My oldest daughter was also shown this video in school and it will… Continue reading Did You Know! What Our Future Holds

The Little Things A Dad Does Like Toy Building!

One of the things I never really paid much attention to as a kid was how much work my Dad put into building toys. All I really cared about was playing with it, and fast. Now that I am a Dad, I have the pleasure of being our houses toy builder and oh man can… Continue reading The Little Things A Dad Does Like Toy Building!

Throwback Thursday #1

Something I wanted to start on my blog is showcasing some older pictures of my family. I though what better way to do this than a Throwback Thursday feature where I can share some older pictures and add a little write-up about them. So sit back, relax and enjoy my first ever Throwback Thursday feature.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday #1

My Wife And I Have A Song!

I am not to sure how many people out their have a song singled out as “our song” with their significant other but my wife and I do. Now the song we have isn’t what you would expect as it’s not a sappy first dance kind of song, but it is a punk song from… Continue reading My Wife And I Have A Song!

A Letter To An Old Friend

The back story behind this letter won’t be revealed as the reasons behind it are between us. The person I am writing about will know who he is and this may or may not reach him but after another Christmas past I need to write this. A few years back you made a choice. A choice… Continue reading A Letter To An Old Friend