Put Down Your Phone!

It has recently come to my attention that dad is on his phone too much. I really got into social media lately, taking part in twitter party’s and talking to people in general. I also started this blog. I never realized the impact that would have on my family. Well here I am doing a… Continue reading Put Down Your Phone!

Teen Depression & Anxienty

As a father, all I want to do is help my kids through life to make it as fun and easy as possible. But like with ourselves sometimes life throws your child a curveball. My oldest daughter had quite a curveball thrown at her about 3 years ago. She ended up with depression. On top… Continue reading Teen Depression & Anxienty

Back to School! Means eye and dental check ups.

Well it’s that time of year again. Back to school. It can become a very busy time in our house with 3 kids and this year is no exception. My son is going into grade 2, my little girl is going into grade 5, and oh god my oldest daughter is starting university. Like with… Continue reading Back to School! Means eye and dental check ups.

Big Ticket Summer Concert

On Aug. 19th my little girl took me to her first concert and Edmonton’s Winspear Center. We went to the Family Chanel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert. What a great daddy daughter date night. We had such a blast at the show togeather. Now at 9 years old she loves all the shows on Family Chanel… Continue reading Big Ticket Summer Concert

Leadership & Learning (part 2)

The second thing I brought home from my leadership courses is how we learn. I find this most usefully when teaching my kids new things. It is also really handy for school. Now this shows people learn 3 ways. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners: People who are visual learners, learn through seeing. Lots of… Continue reading Leadership & Learning (part 2)

Leadership & Learning (part 1)

Have you ever wondered why doing certain things your kids always fight. Why when you are teaching them they are not picking it up. So did I for the longest time. Through work recently I have been put into leadership training. Some at Nait and some in house. I went into this thinking this is… Continue reading Leadership & Learning (part 1)

Being a Dad!

Being a dad is the greatest thing in the world to me. It has filled me with love and a great sence of belonging. I laugh every day and have never been happier. When I’m not with my family I want nothing more than to get back home. I always knew I wanted to be… Continue reading Being a Dad!

A Day at Jackie Parker Park

Today we decided to check out Jackie Parker Park. It is located at 4540 – 50st just south of the Whitemud. It was our first time going there and I must say we were not disappointed. So much to do and the play structures were huge. Lots of kids playing all over and mine sure… Continue reading A Day at Jackie Parker Park

A day at Rundle Park

Well we had a couple of hours to kill today so why not go to a park. Today we chose Rundle Park. One of our favorite parks to go to. There is so much to see and do around Rundle Park. One of the nice things about Edmonton is the great river valley park and… Continue reading A day at Rundle Park

Welcome To The World!

I would like Edmonton and the World to meet our newest family member, Rosalie Annabelle Dufault. She was born on June 29th at 11:50am. She is the first for my cousin Courtney and her husband Daniel. Now we all remember what its like to be first time parents so their joy is amazing to see.… Continue reading Welcome To The World!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Alright Dads, lets teach our kids to cook. With all my kids Mom and myself love cooking and use this time for bonding with our kids. It teaches them valuable skills as well as an appreciation of how much work goes into the meals we eat. Tonight I had my two younger ones help BBQ… Continue reading Let’s Get Cooking!

This Old House!

Well it’s renno time in the Wood house. Time to update the furnace. Our home was built-in the mid 60’s and our furnace is the original one. Now doing any work in any home can bring problems you were not expecting. I knew going into this one there was a possibility of asbestos as I… Continue reading This Old House!

Apps for Dad..

I figured I would write about a couple every day apps I use on my phone. Some give you things and some help me out in a pinch. First one is Flipp. It’s a great app for finding deals around the city through all the local flyers. It also has coupons which you can print… Continue reading Apps for Dad..

Dad’s Hurt!

Well I thought I would let you know a little more about me. It will I hope shed some light onto running a family while being injured. It is hard to tell when or what triggered my shoulder giving out, but I am sure lots helped pave the way to where I’m at today. Might… Continue reading Dad’s Hurt!

Teenagers and Bathroms…

Well this can be a touchy subject in my house. How much time you take in the bathroom. For my self, I would like to consider myself quick in there. Other than throne time, which is the only time I get to think, I’m in and out in 5 min. My wife is about 10… Continue reading Teenagers and Bathroms…